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Any details you submit to this site are used only for the purposes of ViccWiccWicca, ie order information, delivery destination and contact details. Under no circumstances will any information be made available to any third parties or shared with anybody else.

Any private data (ie account information, shipping destinations, billing information) is transmitted to our server via secure SSL (authenticated by Equifax) and stored in our secure database which is only accessible by us. Please note that we do NOT store any credit/debit card information on our server, this data is immediately sent to PayPal for verification.

Our credit & debit card transactions are handled securely by PayPal. They are not held on our server and cannot be accessed by any other party as a result of this.

Please note that the secure server is only applicable whilst within the shop section and can be identified with the padlock icon in the bottom right of the browser window whilst in the account management, cauldron and checkout sections. All other areas of the site (Forum, Chat, Games, etc) do not use this secure interface and any data transmitted within these areas of the site (although it should not contain personal information) is entered entirely at the user\'s own risk.

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